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The Seismic Truck uses an entirely different idea to get return to centre: Springs! By using springs the Truck has a phenomenal amount of rebound and that means great for carving and pumping. This 180mm version is a more standard longboard size.

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59,00 € tax incl.

  • These are the flagship trucks from Seismic using springs instead of bushings for, according to Seismic more energy return, precision and better steering control. Used mainly as a rear truck in (long distance) pumping these trucks give a unique feeling when carving. On this model Seismic did a lot of weight reduction in comparison to their previous truck. This 30 degrees baseplate-angle offers stability and is available in with different spring hardnesses.

    • Suited for size decks: 24cm / 9.5" and up
    • Hanger size: 180mm
    • Quantity: 1