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The Dusters Complete Cruiser Bird Fade 25 offers a compact and stylish cruising experience. At 25 inches long, this cruiser is perfectly suited to city commuting, casual carving and cruising. The Fade design adds a unique, dynamic aesthetic to this complete board.

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179,00 € tax incl.

  • The Dusters Cruiser Bird Fade 25 is ready for immediate use, offering a quick and easy mobility solution. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for city travel, allowing optimal maneuverability in urban spaces. High-quality components, including trucks and wheels, are selected to guarantee smooth gliding.

    The Fade design gives this cruiser a modern, ever-changing aesthetic, with nuances that add an artistic touch to the board. Made from durable materials, this board offers a combination of style and performance.

    Whether you're a novice looking for a practical board or an experienced rider looking for a compact cruiser, the Dusters Complete Cruiser Bird Fade 25 is a versatile option for cruising city streets in style.