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Express your femininity with elegance through the KATE'S FEMINITE BLANC Sweatshirt. Designed by Mélody Walter, this sweatshirt perfectly combines style, comfort, and a powerful message of female empowerment, exclusively for skate enthusiasts.

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  • The KATE'S FEMINITE BLANC Sweatshirt celebrates feminine elegance in the skate world. Designed specifically for women who seek to combine style and comfort in their skate wardrobe, this pristine white sweatshirt is crafted by Parisian designer Mélody Walter. Each piece reflects meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality and originality. The relaxed fit ensures optimal comfort, while the clean design is enhanced by the 'FEMINITE' inscription, proudly affirming the wearer's feminine essence. Perfect for skate sessions, casual outings, or as a fashion statement, the KATE'S FEMINITE BLANC Sweatshirt is versatile and unique. Available exclusively in our shop, it stands as a flagship piece for those looking to express their individuality and love for skate with a touch of femininity.

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