SABRE Forged Precision Freeride Truck 180 mm


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Sabre Forged Precision Freeride 180 mm trucks are renowned for their rugged construction and exceptional precision. Made from forged aluminum, these trucks offer enhanced durability while maintaining a light weight. With a width of 180 mm, they offer a stable footprint, ideal for freeriding and carving.

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85,00 € tax incl.

  • hanger width: 170 mm height: 63 mm angle: 48° weight: 435 g bushings: Sabre R-Type (barrel - kingcone) axle: 8 mm drillings: old-school & new-school hanger and MK2 base in 6061 aircraft-grade cold-forged aluminum for a lighter, stiffer and stronger truck precise hollow kingpin adjustment for additional weight reduction redesigned stiffer hanger with 3 mm rake CNC hanger pivot shape to ensure perfect concentricity, smooth turns and almost no overhang