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Technical Specifications:
- Length: 32.25"
- Width: 8 3/4" (8.5 cm)
- Wheelbase: 16 1/2" (1.5") x 2.5" (1.5") x 2.5
- Nose: 6 3/8"
- Tail: 6 1/4"
- Truck option : C5
- Truck color: Raw
- Bearings : Integrated
- Material: Aluminum

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250,00 € tax incl.

  • The SUN RAY C5 32" skateboard is part of the STREET SURF capsule created by artist Daren Magee. The objective of this capsule is to propose two models; the SUN RAY C5 32" and the SCAPE C5 32.25"; which are close to a classic street skate while keeping the qualities of surfboarding. A bit shorter than the SCAPE 32.25"; the SUN RAY 32" is the skate to have if you want to have the perfect compromise between street skate and surf skate. It is narrow; mounted on a C5 truck with a low center of gravity that allows you to do tricks: flips; ollies and many others ! With the SUN RAY 32"; you will have the perfect training partner for the bowl; the skate park; the street and the pump track.

    Available in C5 truck:

    The C5 truck was designed to be more like a street truck. The goal of the C5 is to allow skateboarders to do two things: trick and pump. It's for those who want to be able to do flips and ollies while still having some carving feel. Compared to the CX and C7; the C5 is shorter and narrower to offer a lower center of gravity and more pop. It is the only Carver truck that allows you to do tricks normally reserved for street skates because it is light and has a special geometry.

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