Sale! Surf Checker 30"x9.75"x19" Long Island Surfskate

LONG ISLAND Surf Checker 30"x9.75"x19"


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The Cinetic Lynx 62mm 84A wheels offer the perfect combination of speed, grip, and durability. Ideal for skaters of all levels seeking optimal performance.

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  • The Cinetic Lynx 62mm 84A wheels are designed to provide an exceptional riding experience. With their 62mm size, they offer a perfect balance between speed and maneuverability. Their 84A durometer ensures good grip on various surfaces, while their durable formulation allows for extended use without compromising performance. These wheels are suitable for skaters of all levels, whether beginners or professionals, and are great for street, park, or cruiser skating. Give your skateboard a boost with the Cinetic Lynx 62mm 84A wheels.

  • Matériaux de la planche Hardrock mapple 7-ply
    Inch Width 9,75
    Concave Medium
    Dureté des roues 84A
    Taille des roues 62mm
    Livré avec le grip Oui