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The BONES REDS 8-bearing set offers skateboarders a noticeable improvement in speed and fluidity, combining high-quality performance with exceptional durability.

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  • BONES REDS bearings are renowned for offering the perfect balance of performance, durability and affordability. This set of 8 bearings is designed for skateboarders of all levels who seek quality and reliability in their ride. Made from high-precision materials, BONES REDS bearings ensure smooth, fast rotation, significantly improving the speed and smoothness of your skateboard.

    Each bearing is pre-lubricated with BONES Speed Cream™ grease, guaranteeing minimal maintenance and increased longevity. Easy to install, these bearings are compatible with all brands of skateboard wheels, allowing you to use them immediately for an enhanced skateboarding experience.

    Choose BONES REDS bearings for uncompromising performance. Whether you're a street, park or cruising enthusiast, these bearings are the key to a smoother, faster ride.

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